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Dedicated Force Calibration Technique for Tanks, Vessels and Silos
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ForceCal System Overview

  • Calibration of all types of vessels and silos can be carried out simply whilst full or empty
  • Vessel and silo calibration traceable to UKAS standards
  • Provides the most cost effective calibration method for your equipment
  • The least intrusive for your process and production requirements
  • Helps maximise your company profits
  • Battery powered ATEX Zone 1 rigs
  • Suitable for system capacities of 0-4 tonne, 0-8 tonne, 0-20 tonne and 0-40 tonne
  • Work carried out by experienced Procon Field Service Team
  • UKAS certification issued on-site during visit
The Procon ForceCal method uses a combination of hydraulic jacks, special traceable Load Cells and Weight Indicators to apply or remove known amounts of load from the vessel under test. The test rig can apply load either directly to the vessel itself or via removable brackets. These are simply bolted to the vessel prior to calibration and can be fitted before the vessel is taken out of service.

Procon ForceCal test rigs are Atex approved, battery powered and are suitable for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas. Traceability to UKAS national standards provides a calibration accuracy of better than plus or minus (+/-) 0.01%. Because the calibration process applies or removes load under normal operational conditions, any repeatable pipe work or force shunt effects are taken into account. Tests for repeatability can also be carried out very quickly at any part of the measuring range. The calibration process usually takes less than 20 minutes per vessel, and can be carried out with minimum disruption to the process and without the need to empty the vessel.

Following the completion of all calibrations the service engineer will generate, print off and issue the customer with a fully approved certificate of calibration, prior to departure from site.